Saturday, 31 October 2015

Fun Halloween Activities

Hi guys, Happy Halloween! I hope you're all well. Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year and I love doing little things for it. This year, as always, Rob and I left everything to the last minute (I only got paid yesterday so didn't have the money to get anything until then) but I'm glad we got a few things in to do with Adam - who, if you don't know, is my 9 year old step-son. We did most of our Halloween "celebrating" (is that the right word? Do you celebrate Halloween?) yesterday as Adam went home around lunch time today.

Adam had said to us that he wanted to get some pumpkins and secretly is was something I had been dying to do as well, so that was our main mission! Our local Tesco however only had tiny baby sized pumpkins; nothing you could carve without chopping half your fingers off and, while that would certainly be in the spirit of Halloween, we decided that it was best we kept our fingers attached. We ended up heading over to Sainsbury's instead and getting two decent sized pumpkins. We decided to do boys against the girls to see who could do the best pumpkin: boys being Rob and Adam and girls being me and Squidge who, despite lots of kicking me in the kidneys, wasn't a great help. I had had the idea of trying to do a cat design on my pumpkin but I wasn't too sure how it would turn out but I'm quite happy with it and Adam was happy with his too! Adam wanted two Batman symbols for the eyes on his and Rob did really well cutting them out.

Adam also asked if we could do a Halloween cake... Cue another panic, where were we going to find Halloween cake decorations? We had a look in both Tesco and Sainsbury's and couldn't find anything but luckily I had some icing I had picked up a week or two before and we decided to just decorate the top of the cake randomly with our names, scribbles and ghosty things and voila! Halloween cake sorted = happy, sugar infested 9 year old.

Tonight, it's just Rob, me and Squidge so we're getting all bundled up to watch a couple of horror movies, stuff our faces and try and get the smell of pumpkin out of the kitchen!

Are you doing anything nice tonight for Halloween?

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