Monday, 9 November 2015

LUSH Hot Toddy Shower Gel Review

LUSH is just one of those brands that everyone loves, right? I didn't try anything from them for ages and then one day a friend of mine bought me one of their bathbombs - it was Phoenix Rising, if you were wondering - and that was me hooked. Rob and I moved house in January of this year and I haven't had many baths this year so a lot of that was still semi-packed away, so I had forgotten I had this little gem waiting for me! LUSH Hot Toddy is a limited edition shower gel that is perfect for this time of the year. It's essentially Christmas in a bottle.

Now, I've had a quick Google and it doesn't look like Hot Toddy is part of their Christmas range this year, which is a little sad but I'm just so glad I found it hidden in my stash (also, if you're wondering, it's still okay to be used; my mind was put at ease by the 'made by/when' and 'use by' sticker). I think people's minds tend to jump to bathbombs when they think of LUSH but they really do such an amazing range of products, I'll need to start stocking up again.

Hot Toddy is the perfect Autumn/Winter shower gel and really gets you in the mood for Christmas with scents of cinnamon and ginger to warm you. In the bottle it looks like a very strong burgundy but when out of the bottle, it's a much softer orange-y red. Plus it has some gold glitter to really add to the Christmas touch but, don't let that put you off! I haven't actually had any noticeable amount of glitter on my body/shower/anywhere yet but it has collected at the bottom of the bottle.

This shower gel does what you'd expect of any shower gel and it has a nice lather to it, which is always an added bonus. My skin feels nice and hydrated afterwards and, while the scent can seem a little scary in the bottle, it's subtle and not at all overwhelming.

While doesn't seem to be part of their Christmas range this year, I'll be keeping an eye out for this in the future and will hopefully find some similarily scented products.

Have you ever tried LUSH Hot Toddy before?

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