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NIVEA Creme Limited Edition Tins

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I have always been a big lover of Christmas but I definitely feel the love has gone into overdrive now that I'm pregnant. Although baby won't be here for this Christmas, I'm already starting to imagine all the little things I can get for her. So, I'm blaming my hormones for my sudden extreme love of anything remotely related to the holiday and why I got so excited when I saw NIVEA Creme Limited Edition Tins* which have adorable Christmas illustrations.

If you've never tried NIVEA Creme before, let me give you the low down on a great product! NIVEA Creme was the original NIVEA product and has been around since 1911 and it's formula has always been very closely guarded as it's such a loved cream (more than 15 million tins have been sold). This is one of those amazing versatile products that has a multitude of uses; you can use it as a lip balm, face moisturiser, body moisturiser, you can even use a little on your hair - the list goes on, really!

NIVEA, Nivea Creme, Nivea review, beauty, swatch

The creme itself is really lovely. It's not at all greasy and is absorbed quickly into my skin but leaves me feeling deeply moisturised and protected if I have to go out into the cold which is down to an ingredient called Eucerit. Eucerit helps to strengthen your skins own barrier, so you're not just adding another layer on for it to eventually wear off and it smooths rough, dry skin while giving you that hit of moisture. There is a subtle scent to the creme as well that makes me think of sunscreen, so I can envision myself somewhere nice and warm...

So, NIVEA Creme Limited Edition Tins have been released to celebrate the launch of a new size of tin which will be available, in the standard blue tin, from January 2016. NIVEA are releasing a 75ml tin which is a generous size as a little goes a long way and all of the limited edition tins are 75ml as well. There are four collectible tins available with different illustrations on each and they were designed by international artist Joelle Tourlanias. The illustrations really are adorable and capture the feeling of Christmas.

As an added Christmas bonus, on the inside of each of the NIVEA Creme Limited Edition Tins there is a link to an online fairytale for all the family written by Udo Weigeit who is a well known childrens author, which makes them a great stocking filler for young and old alike!

NIVEA Creme Limited Edition Tins are available until December 2015 from Boots, Superdrug, Morrisons, ASDA and are £1.99 each. You can also buy all four collectible tins from the NIVEA online shop for £6.

*This post contains a press sample. For more information see my disclaimer.

Have you tried NIVEA Creme? What do you think of the limited edition tins?

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