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Tummy Tuesday - 26, 27 & 28 Weeks Pregnant Update

Hi guys, I hope you're all well. So sorry for being so quiet on the blog over the last few weeks and that this is going up on a Wednesday and not a Tuesday. Our little Squidge has been very mischievous and caused us a bit of panic but all seems to be well. We've been sent back to my local hospital by my community midwife for a scan as I'm measuring small, apparently, so they want to double check she is growing as she should be - I'm not too concerned though, I can feel Squidge moving about all day long and, let me tell you, she's got some strength! My poor ribs can't cope very much longer, haha. Apologies for how I look in the picture below, I was just out of the bath, that's why my hair looks like that!

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How far along? I am 29 weeks today, so only 11 more weeks to go and it really will fly in! 

Total weight gain:  I'm still around 65.6KG so not much change over the last few weeks however I have been throwing up again after having the last week and a bit vomit free, so I think it's down to that than me not eating 'cause I definitely was!

Maternity clothes? Rob ordered me a maternity/nursing bra from JD Williams and it has made such a difference to me already. I had picked up some maternity bras from Primark before and they had been okay up until this point but just hadn't been cutting it. The bra from JD Williams is brilliant; it's so supportive but still has a little bit of room for me to grow (I keep forgetting that my boobs will get bigger again when my milk comes in)!

Stretch marks? Still nothing however the skin on my bump is starting to get very itchy! It's not uncomfortable yet but it is very common for this stage in pregnancy, apparently, as baby is doing a lot of growing in these last weeks. 

    Sleep: It's good and bad... I'm sleeping but not necessarily when I should be. I am really struggling to relax at night but all I want to do during the day is sleep. I had a nap from 1-4 this afternoon for example, so I really don't know how that will affect me tonight.

Best moment this week: We've had a few great moments over the last few weeks. It's always nice to hear Squidge's heartbeat and we got to hear that again at our latest antenatal appointment. She's really got into a pattern with her movements and, like I said, she's very strong! Lots of kicks, punches and rolls. We got to properly see my tummy lurch from one side to another (I've felt it but never really look before) and it was the strangest thing. It's also so nice to feel her respond to our voices and touch as I don't think she was properly aware of it all before. We were also given lots of baby clothes, so I can't wait to go through it all!

Miss anything? I miss being able to lie on my tummy! This is my preferred way to sleep and I actually hate having to lie on my left side (the recommended way for pregnancy) as it's getting uncomfortable even with a pregnancy support pillow.

Food cravings: I had a big craving for Coca Cola over the last few days but the majority of my cravings are still the same; chicken, chicken, chicken. I still crave Tesco Roast Chicken Pie and KFC (not together, although that sounds pretty good too!)

Anything making you queasy or sick? I had gone through a phase for about a week and a half there where I wasn't vomiting, I still felt nauseous but that's all gone out the window now. There doesn't seem to be anything in particular that makes me feel bad but it's definitely worse from when I get up to about halfway through the day.

Gender: Girl!!

Labour signs: None.

Symptoms: Exhausted 24/7, sickness, sore back, battered ribs headaches, random outbursts of tears...

Belly button in or out? In!

Wedding rings on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time: This week I'd say it's been pretty in the middle. I've had lots of spontaneous crying outbursts this week but I've also been really happy as well.

Looking forward to: The scan tomorrow night; although the result may not be what we want to hear (we're convinced that she is growing okay and it's just because the tape measure isn't accurate) but it's another chance to see Squidge that we wouldn't have had otherwise.

I hope you're enjoying these series! Please let me know if there are any specific pregnancy posts you would like to see here. If you're interested, you can read the rest of my pregnancy series.

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