Thursday, 28 January 2016


I think back on the days when I didn't use a primer for my foundation and shudder as I remember looking at myself in the mirror halfway through the day and seeing that half my makeup had migrated south of where I had applied it. Since that time, I have become (somewhat) wiser and now I ensure I always have a primer in my makeup stash because, with my skin type, it would be silly to not have one. Arbonne International was not a brand I had heard of until fairly recently and I was very happy when they sent me the Arbonne International Makeup Primer* (full size £27) to try. (As you can see, I received a sample size of the primer but I did receive two of this size and, after a few uses, I still haven't touched the second one as a little goes a long way.)

The first thing I noticed when I went to apply the primer was that is has a really lovely consistency; definitely gel-like and it's not too thick or runny which is always an added bonus. I only need the smallest amount to apply to my entire face and it glides on with ease - I personally like to use my fingers for application. The primer doesn't leave your skin completely matte, there is some natural dewiness that comes through so it keeps everything looking as au naturale as possible. It does feel very silicone-y (think along the lines of Benefit Porefessional) but once it's been applied to my skin, I really can't feel it any more. I don't feel like the primer sits on top of my skin or feels tacky at all which is a plus because who wants to apply a heavy duty, nasty clingfilm primer?

I have tried the primer in three different ways: on my bareskin with no base at all, with my base and no powder and with my base and a powder to really see if it makes a difference to my oily face. Now, I say my skin is oily (and it is) but there is always a particular area of my face which tells me how well a foundation or primer is doing and that is my nose. It is the oily epicentre of my face; it's always my nose that gets a bit shiny first and then my chin tends to follow suit a few hours later on a smaller scale.

Now, comparing applying this beneath a base without and with powder... Both with and without powder, my base applies flawlessly, there's no creasing under the eyes or elsewhere and overall increases the lasting power of my makeup - of course, the base with powder is a little longer wearing, getting an extra 2 hours over all. The nose test, though, was what really told me what I needed to know: foundation on its own generally lasts around 5-6 hours before makeup on my nose just disappears however without powder, my foundation lasted a good 8 hours before there was a bit of shine which is such an improvement! With powder, as I said, it tends to last about 2 hours longer, so I get a good 10 hours before my nose starts to get shiny. 

I also applied Arbonne's Makeup Primer on bare skin without any base to see if there was a visible difference to how my actual skin looked. I can have some slightly enlarged pores on my nose which I find incredibly noticeable, if you asked Rob he wouldn't have a clue what I was talking about but it does definitely fill in any pores (thanks, silicone-y-ness). 

Overall, I'm really happy with this primer. It feels amazing on my skin, my skin can still breathe when its applied, it seriously increases the longevity of your makeup and keeps oil at bay for a good ol' time!

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