Friday, 8 January 2016


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I've seen such a difference in my hair since being pregnant. My hair has always been thin but I do think I'm starting to notice a little bit of thickening, which is incredibly exciting for me as I'm used to having such a flat head, ha. This has given me a bit of motivation to try a bit harder with my hair and really take care of it. I have ordered a few hair products from Space NK so they'll be here soon and they'll be an extra little push to keep my hair nice (although, my hair really needs a cut to get a bit of shape to it)!

My current haircare routine is fairly simple, to be perfectly honest but it works for me. For reference, I have quite long, thin hair which has been coloured and bleached over the years and is dry at the ends but oilier at the roots. So, basically most hair types, you'll find on my head. 

I normally try and use clarifying shampoos or shampoos specifically for oily hair however I find these quite hard to find and when I do find them, they don't always have a great effect and can be quite drying so I recently bought V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo which is for dry hair however seems to be working really well. I try and get as much time in between washing my hair as possible as washing your hair daily can strip it of necessary oils and I've found I can finally do that now with this shampoo. It smells great and leaves my hair feeling soft and nourished. I always shampoo twice and ensure I only apply shampoo directly to my scalp and massage there as doing this to your ends can cause split-ends.

For my conditioner, I am using AVON Instant Repair 7 conditioner which is for damaged hair. As my hair has been coloured, bleached and is heat damaged, I thought this would be the perfect conditioner to give my hair a new lease of life - especially at my ends. This is perfect for the ends of my hair, as that's where my hair is driest, however it's definitely not something I apply to my scalp as it really weighs my hair down. There's a definite difference when I decide not to use this. I am also using a new conditioner every other time which is brilliant as well, review coming soon!

For that extra, and final, bit of protection and moisture to my hair, I also use AVON Advanced Tecniques Moroccan Argan Oil on my mid-lengths and ends. This is a product I will continue to buy once I've run out as it really makes all the difference to my hair and always help control any fly aways and helps protect from split ends when drying and styling.

Do you use any of these products? Would you like to see what styling products I enjoy using?

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