Sunday, 10 January 2016


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For as long as I can remember, I have wanted Willow Tree figures when I 'grew up'. I can remember loving looking at them any time they were in a shop and seeing all the different figures and the sets you could get. They were always something I envisioned having in my home but in all honesty, they were something I had forgotten about until I saw them again recently and Rob was kind enough to buy one for me for Christmas! 

Rob bought me 'Kindness' for Christmas which is a figure of a girl sitting cross-legged with her cat which really is me all over. On the Willow Tree website, Kindness is described by artist Susan Londi, "I really like the simplicity and truth of this sentiment, Above all, kindness. Kindness is a virtue that gives us so much reward, and one we aspire to. The animal that the child holds can be metaphorical (who better to teach us about kindness than animals?) or the figure can simply represent a loving relationship with a pet." For me, this is definitely about my relationship with my cat (how bonkers does that sound?) but Percy really is part of the family! I am so glad I have one of these figures now as they just add that little bit of something to the room and will definitely be buying the boy version, too.

There are so many beautiful figures to collect and we will definitely start to collect these overtime as I think they're a really touching gift that convey a lot. They're great little gifts as well, especially for Mothers and Fathers day and Squidge's grandparents are sure to get one or two Willow Tree figures from her.

Have you any of the Willow Tree figures?

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