Saturday, 6 February 2016


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As you may know, I've been trying to widen my beauty horizons since being pregnant and I've been taking more notice of what I'm putting on my skin and looking into natural products and brands; if these sorts of products interest you, you need to check out Annabel's blog, HelloAnnabel as she only blogs about natural, organic and cruelty-free beauty. It's actually because of Annabel that I got to try these products from Supernatural Beauty as she reviewed them on her blog and also had a giveaway - so big thank you to Annabel!

Supernatural Beauty is a relatively new brand that was created by Jenny and their philosophy is all about using natural and organic ingredients. This means no nasties (at all!) in their products; all of Supernatural Beauty's products are free from parabens, petroleum, sulphates (SLS & SLES) xenoestrogen, phthalates, artifical colourants, synthetic fragrence, petrochemicals, harsh detergents, silicones, propylene glycol, GMOS, PEGS, TEA & DEA, toxic ingredients and animal testing! It's scary how long this list is considering these ingredients are probably in the majority of products and, really, how many of us read the ingredients list on our skincare? 

The Redemption Face Oil (£45) is a skin perfecting oil which boasts an incredible ingredients list including premium rosehip and CO2 extract, absyssinian oil, evening primrose and rose otto damask which all work to repair, tone and keep your skin radiant. I have to admit I was very wary about using this on my skin as my skin type is generally combination/oily leaning more towards oily and I wasn't sure about adding an oil into my skincare routine in case it didn't work out but it has really had an amazing effect. Being an oil, this product is, of course, very moisturising and I have actually found that including this in my routine has visibly improved my skin within a few days.

Another thing I need to mention about this is the packaging: it's absolutely beautiful! It's clean and sleek and keeps the focus entirely on the product and the brands philosophy; there's nothing excessive or gimmicky about it. It comes in a way that's easy to apply as it's a dropper so it's all about functionality as well.

To use the Supernatural Beauty Redemption Face Oil, you simply warm a few drops (I find 2-3 is enough for my face and a little down my neck) between your fingers and massage in to cleansed skin. This really is a beautiful, luxurious product and I really take my time giving myself a mini face massage while applying; plus the scent is beautiful as well, subtle, not at all overpowering and, because of the ingredients, has a therapeutic and relaxing effect. Supernatural Beauty recommended using this morning and night and really making it part of your skincare routine - I have been using this morning and night so far and probably will for the foreseeable future unless something changes.

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  1. Thank you for the love Rachel! So excited to hear you not only enjoying the product but seeing great results! xx Jenny - Founder, Supernatural Beauty